Established in 2010, NNIA is a fashion label designed in Costa Rica by Jessi González.

Jessi created and manufactured this brand inspired by her Latin American roots, seeking to give a new meaning of dressing comfortably for the contemporary woman. NNIA has been a part of events like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, International Art/design Festivals and magazine releases.

Also known as a blogger and model, Jessi has always been dedicated and immersed in fashion. She is a multinational and multicultural woman, born in la Havana, Cuba and raised in  Costa Rica. Her professional formation as a fashion designer took place, in part, in Madrid, where she finished fashion school.

She is a free-spirited and proactive modern leader that lives in a constant search for cultural growth and knowledge through traveling and exploring sustainable and craft alternatives in the fashion and textile world.




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As a brand, NNIA is focused on ethical practices and the growth of their social project: NNIA foundation, dedicated to inspire and empower other woman in the field of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the world of fashion.

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